Avatar Flair (not Badges) for Groups

when you’re at the bleeding edge, you gotta love the undocumented features! :slight_smile:

not even sure actually what “automatically set as primary group” means. Does this mean that when the person is awarded the badge, their “primary group” is set to this group from whatever it was previously? Does primary group have any other purpose?

If you couple a primary group with the “default title” setting, you can automatically assign helpful titles to users. I use this at my system for displaying a user’s institution (automagically maintained by email address).

Groups are used to control access to categories, so it’s helpful to be able to put people into multiple groups. Primary group is used to give people a title, to show flair on their avatar, and a lot of customizations depend on primary group in CSS and plugins. Also, not sure what you mean by “awarded the badge” since this isn’t a badge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, got mixed up in my haste. I have implemented a “core membership” badge and avatar flair. The badge is awarded based on group membership via a badge sql query. So in my head these are the same thing.

Thanks for explaining - this makes good sense to me. Getting there. :slight_smile:

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Been wanting to do this for a while, love it.

It does, however, looks slightly off if you have category cards activated through CSS using @rewphus’s material design.


I can make some adjustments for this in the stock them, when both that and this are released.

I don’t think it should be too difficult.


I added support for font awesome icons, with a colour field for them:


My community is loving flair, esp with the font awesome icons - many thanks, @neil! :rocket: :fireworks:

Flair would be improved with a customizable helper text for mouseover of the flair image. Maybe not the best example, but instead of “team” the helper text could display “Member of the Discourse Team”.

Alternatively, use the text in the Default title for all users in this group field in group settings if it exists. If not, show the group name as it does now.

It would even be nifty to be able to provide a link to let people learn more about that flair group and how to acquire it. In our case, “Core Member of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Learn how you too can become a core member.


We’ve added flair to our Staff and Moderator groups, and it’s been well received so far - it gives a nice bit of extra visibility to those guys for their regular involvement in threads, as we only use the Staff highlight colour for major announcements and updates.


I’ve set a flair for staff members of our community, but they’re not showing. Are there any obvious things I could have done wrong?

I’ve set the flair image and background colour for the group.

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Check this - perhaps you are having the same issue I had.

@neil if this is going to be a recurring theme, then some helper text for the flair settings would be a good idea. Something along the lines of “to display flair, automatically set as primary group must be selected above”.

Worked a treat! Thanks!

What does primary group actually mean? o_O

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you might want to read the rest of this topic. :wink:


Good summary here too on what Primary Group does (basically nothing other than CSS and title):


A feature request - display flair on user cards and user profiles! In this screenshot, it would be meaningful and helpful to see the yellow star on Ope’s user card.


I agree with this for the group overlay images / glyphs @neil can you make it so?


Sure, will look at adding that. I guess the flair will have to be bigger to match the size of the avatar on the card.


Excited to see this in action - thanks! :sunny:

FYI it is indeed becoming a recurring theme. People don’t get the primary group requirement out of the box and keep getting tripped up by it.


Meta has the flair on user cards now.

Next I’ll add some helper text about the primary group.


cool pic I must say, is this from friends?