Group flairs don't show

I have tried this on a hosted site and self hosted site with safemode enabled but issue still persists. Both sites are on 2.8.0 beta 4.


  1. Create group
  2. add a flair (I chose icon. Set as primary group)
  3. save changes and refresh the page

Expected result

When group is created user will see flair displayed next to their profile picture and group will have a flair displayed.

Actual result

No icon displayed in flair and no flair displayed in group name


Hi, same bug here (the chosen icon for the flair doesn’t show up, only the background color). Can reproduce it on safe-mode so it isn’t theme dependent.

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I tried to reproduce the bug, but it worked fine for me.

I pressed the :heavy_plus_sign: New Group button, set name, set myself as owner, checked Automatically set as primary group, checked Select an icon, used icon “plus” and pressed the “Create” button:

Is there something different that you do? Can you reproduce the same bug on

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I added a background colour if that helps? I can’t create groups on

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Try putting a background color on the flair and the icon in white (like ffffff).

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I understand now. I was able to reproduce the bug and it happened because there are two different code paths that can be used for rendering the flair. This is the PR:


Sorry about the initial confusion! :sweat_smile: Thanks for the fix :tada:

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Thank you for reporting the bug here and thank you @nbianca for your work on fixing this.
The bug drove me crazy the whole day today. Hope to get rid of it soon!

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Is the fix live yet? And do we need to set flairs for each group again or it will be resolved after the update?

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Doesn’t seem to be solved yet.


Not yet, it will be merged probably first thing next week.

No, this should not be necessary. All flairs will be kept.


Hello, after updating to discourse 2.8.0.beta4

Icon image of the avatar disappeared and now when I upload the image again it is not saving

Please fix soon.

Nope, still not working.

Dear discourse team, the fix is not working. The behavior of setting a flair is the same - it disappears. No flairs are shown at forum anywhere either.


@magic007, @kinetiksoft the fix has been merged 17 hours ago. If you haven’t already done so in the last 17 hours, update to the latest version available.

If you are already on the latest version, what setting is there on Visibility?

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Well, I updated forum to the latest version and flairs are still missing.
I even upload new flairs for the group and set background color, and save. No changes, flairs are missing. Then I return back to group settings and uploaded flair is not there, background color field is empty.

Yes, its working now. :grinning:

It is showing same as screenshot.

@robotnjik what setting is there on Visibility?

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 3.29.41 PM

Currently only works if I set Visibility > Everyone. Other settings delete flair upload and bg color.

There was another merge about an hour ago, which may fix the issue:

Can someone please confirm if this fixes it in production?