Flair either not showing or delayed

I just created a group, added a font awesome flair to it, and added a user with no other groups or flair to that group. His title updated immediately, but his flair is still not showing up.

I think this is the same thing I ran into over here:

Is there a known delay or caching issue that I just need to wait to clear up for new flair to show?

Did you make sure it is set as his primary group?


Does flair only show on primary groups? He has no other groups.

Edited to answer the question: I just checked, and no, it was not listed as his primary group. (There was no primary group specified for that user.) Making it the primary group made the flair show up. But my question above remains. Does flair only show on primary groups, and if so, isn’t that a bug?

Yes it does.

No… why would it be? I guess one could argue being part of a single group should make that single group your primary group, but I don’t think it has ever worked that way

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Because flair is specified for the group. I’m a member of the group. I have no other flair conflicting with that flair assignment. Therefore the flair should show up. On what basis wouldn’t it?

And what’s the point of having primary groups if every group has to be primary in order to use basic features?

Edited to add: I’m not saying that being part of a single group should make that group primary. I’m arguing that if I have a flair assignment that it should do something. Or else you shouldn’t allow flair assignments on non-primary groups.

:man_shrugging: What are you talking about here? Primary is important to Flair in that you can only have one flair, so denoting which group it should be shown for is ideal.

Think of it this way, it would be horribly expensive to iterate over every group a person is a member of when showing their avatar to see if there is a group with flair or conflicting groups with flair. It is much easier and more efficient to tie it to primary group so you know which groups flair to show for a user when rendering the avatar.

You seems to have an understanding of groups backwards. A user can belong to multiple groups, a group is not defined as primary or non-primary, but the user denotes a group as primary for their account.

I don’t know what you mean by expensive and iteration. I mean, I do, I’m a programmer. But right now I’m just a user. Don’t bother me with implementation details.

What I’m saying is quite straightforward.

I assigned a title and flair to a group. I put a member in that group. The flair didn’t show up, but the title did. That’s simply not right.

Honestly, I would have expected the title to need the user to have that group as their primary group too…

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Sure. That would be consistent.

But I would argue that it would be silly. What’s the point of requiring a group to be the primary group before flair and titles show up?

(And thanks for your explanation about “primary” groups.)

I have two groups, GroupA & GroupB. Both have flair and titles. GroupB is the more important one, so I mark it as “default to primary.” If somebody is a member of groupA, they should get flair & title from groupA (because they are a member of it, after all, so they should get the benefits), and if somebody is a member of both groupA and groupB, they should default to groupB’s title and flair (but it doesn’t).

Can you tell me how to get what I want?

Set the primary group of the user to GroupB

Are you saying that I need to manually set every user’s primary group? Because that’s the only way I can figure out to do it, since both groups have to be set to default to primary just to get flair to show up by default.

I believe you do need to mark both as “default to primary” but then the order of operation matters.

If you add UserA to GroupB first, then GroupA, it seems GroupA will be set as their primary group.
If you add UserA to GroupA first, then GroupB, GroupB should be their primary group.

All of that is based on this:

Thanks. Will file another feature request.

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