Avatars don't show when using a custom port

(Karl Wolf) #1

Since the latest update no custom avatars are showing anymore. I’ve traced this back to the fact that the template tries to render



http://example.com:12345/user_avatar/example.com/joe/120/149_1.png (without the port)

is the correct location of the Avatar.

Is this any misconfiguration on my end or a bug?

(Robin Ward) #2

It does seem like a bug, but is there any particular reason you have to use a port? URLs are much nicer without them :smile:

(Karl Wolf) #3

You’re right :wink: Took this as a motivation to finally proxy it to port 80 on a subdomain – should still be fixed I guess :smile:

(Robin Ward) #4

I agree but it’s a super low priority :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #5