AWS S3 Backup high amount of POST requests


i recently configured the Backup in my discourse software to use AWS S3. It is only used for the backup process, File uploads are still stored server side. The backup process works and happens every night once. I set up an AWS Account and Bucket just for this.

However, by just 3 days AWS gave me a warning email, that my free contingent of POST requests is used up. The AWS Dashboard says, there have been exactly 2000 POST requests in those 3 days (since i set up the backup). This number seems very very high and basically unbelievable.

AWS also states a 163 GET requests, which seems far more believable.

Any Idea why those POST requests appear so high? Did i configured something wrong maybe? I used the tutorials from his site here.

How big is your backup? My guess is that each POST contains some small number of MB, so it takes a bunch to POST one backup.


2.3 GB currently.

Yeah i had the same thought too a moment ago. Though would this be a normal behavior?

Large files (>15 MB) like backups are uploaded in small chunks (usually 5 MB), so the number of requests seems reasonable.


Then the chunks are smaller than i thought :sweat_smile:

Well, if it’s all working correctly, then all is good. Just got worried for a second there. Thanks for the help guys!

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