Discourse quickly exceeding PUT limit on Amazon S3

Hi, I have a tricky question. I turned on backups on S3 for my Discourse instance. They are configured correctly (as in backups are happening) I think in Discourse. Here’s my log of settings (it’s Polish, but you’ll figure it out easily because labels are in English).

So it’s making backup everyday, one, and it’s keeping 3 of them on S3. And now - the issue. I’d think that it’s only going to update thingy everyday so I wouldn’t have made… 1878 PUT request in 5 days?! What I’m doing wrong here?

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This is probably not it, but just to be sure, you haven’t configured uploads on S3, right?


Oh, no. No. I’m not uploading the rest of the stuff on S3.

I am considering moving to S3 for Discourse backup but this topic is slightly concerning. Was this ever explained or resolved, @pawelorzech?

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That’s actually a very good question! It’s most likely due to the fact that the S3 client uploads files which are larger than 15MB in multiple parts.


No it was not. But I’m bitting the bullet by paying… $0.18 per month.


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