AWS S3 subfolder support

First, I am looking to see if there are any existing solutions to allow discourse to use a subfolder within an S3 bucket instead of using the bucket root. I haven’t been able to find anything that would provide such a feature. The only thing I found was this post from 2014 that doesn’t have any reasonable suggestions.

Second, I wanted to see if anyone at Discourse is already working on subfolder support or if it’s on the official roadmap to be implemented. I checked the upcoming features, planned features, and requested features sections, but I couldn’t find anything relevant.

Finally, if there’s no good answers to the above inquiries, I’d like to discuss the possibility of discourse accepting a PR for subfolder support. I’ve read through the contributing guidelines and know I need to complete the CLA first, but I wanted to make sure that this feature would be accepted in a PR, assuming the code passes reviews. My company would really like this feature and we’re willing to develop it, but we’re not particularly interested in maintaining our own fork.


Sure, we’d happily merge a PR adding support for subfolder when using S3 :heart:

We haven’t done it yet because it was only brought up by our customers once (last week actually).


That’s great news! Appreciate the quick reply.


Was working on another feature and had to implement this. :slight_smile: Please try it out and report back if you find any :bug: