Babble is not working with old discourse

Hi Team,

We have designed one application back in early 2016 using discourse . Now we have requirement to integrate “babble chat plugin” to my existing application.

The previous developers who were working on this had modified a lot of existing js and ruby files based on their requirements.

So now to integrate “babble chat plugin” to our application we are following the below steps,

  • We have downloaded the bubble chat plugin from github and put it in the plugins folder of our existing application.

But now We are getting a lot of javascript reference issues.

The same process we followed for the new discourse , thats working perfectly.

It is not possible for us to upgrade discourse at this point of time.

Could you please suggest if we are going in a wrong direction OR Is there any way we can properly integrate with our existing application .

You will have to upgrade Discourse, as Babble currently only works with latest.


Unfortunately, those previous developers have screwed you over.

The only thing you can do is start with a fresh version of Discourse and build out plugins for the previous customizations that were done. Modifying ruby and javascript in place is unsustainable, as you have discovered.

It’s likely that your forum is already vulnerable to security issues that have been fixed in the latest version of Discourse, so I highly recommend you do this.


Thanks a lot Robin for your quick response. :slight_smile: