Back button clearing filter information on KE plugin

I have an issue while using this plugin with clearing information.


  1. search for some information:

  2. I click on the topic I want to view:

  3. When I return to the knowledge base page. The results from the search are still present and I have no way to clear it except by refreshing the page. The clear button is no longer present.

The functionality I expected would refresh this automatically when I click the knowledge explorer button in the hamburger menu or my custom docs header button I added.


Edit: KB page usually looks like this:

How do you return to the knowledge base page? I Just tried this here on Meta Discourse Meta and it works fine, holding the filter and the clear button when I click << Go back or use the browser’s back functionality.

Could you also share a screencast or recording showing you go through the steps? Also, if you still notice it after going through the steps, can you share any console errors you see in your browser console?

I should have asked this first, are you on the latest Discourse and this plugin?

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Well, I would like to click one of the link options at the top.

  1. I am using the homepage plugin so that the site logo goes to
  2. I am also using the custom header links plugin to get to “Docs” link
  3. If I click “knowledge explorer” from the hamburger menu it also doesn’t reset the page.

I have attached a video below of me trying each of the options. At the end of the video I use CTRL-R to refresh the page and it resets.

Edit: Added info from console log.



There’s likely a bug here with the clear button rendering on page change. I’ll have a look sometime soon.


I have a PR opened to fix this issue here:

Should be available soon.

EDIT: Merged!