Browser Back Button issue


I am facing issue in browser back button. Some topics generally takes 2-3 back button clicks to reach to the previous page. This issue is happening only Chrome browser.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

If it is specific to a browser it is likely due to plugins or browser customizations. Try with a clean install of Chrome, or in incognito mode with all browser plugins disabled.


HI @codinghorror ,

I did all the things as you mentioned. Even i upgraded the discourse version to the latest. The issue is in posts having replies. Suppose a post having 3 replies, it takes 3 back button click to reach the original page .

Any idea why this is happening.

It is either your browser or a third party Discourse plugin causing the issue. If you have tried in a different browser, and disabled all third party Discourse plugins, that’s about it.

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@codinghorror tried everything. Unfortunately the issue is still there. :disappointed:

If you can’t repro the problem here on Meta it means that the problem is only related to your site, so it can depend on 3 factors:

  • incorrect or unsupported or outdated installation
  • third-party plugins
  • themes and theme components

Have you tried using safe-mode disabling plugins and themes? Does the problem still occur?

Also, can you share a link to the site?


Here is the site.