Back-end allows moderators to use merge/move posts to private message, but front-end does not

This functionality shows up when you are administrator, but not for moderators:


The front-end code for this is here:

Note the “this.currentUser.admin”.

However, the back-end allows for moderators (all staff) to perform this action just fine:

I think the front-end code should be adjusted:

canSplitToPM(canSplitTopic) {
-  return canSplitTopic && this.currentUser && this.currentUser.admin;
+  return canSplitTopic && this.currentUser && this.currentUser.staff;

If you agree with this being a bug I’d be happy to make a PR to fix it. Our moderation team would have need of this fix.


I’m not sure but it seems plausible. What do you think @techAPJ?


The decision to not show “move to new PM” option for moderators was made explicitly in:

This is because the moderators do not have permission to see PMs and the relevant code will fail at:


Would it be feasible if a code change is made so that the acting moderator/administrator is added as a recipient on the newly created topic (private message) so that they can see the new topic once it is created? (and would this be a change you folks are interested in receiving?)


I’ll look into the possibility of adding acting moderator as PM recipient and subsequently enabling the feature “move posts to a new PM” for moderators.


Great! In case this ends up in backlog / deprioritized and is PR welcome, please let me know and I could help with implementation.

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It might take a bit for me to get to this. PR is 100% welcome here! :+1: