Move posts to private conversation

(Christoph) #1

Continuing the discussion from Move topic / posts to Private Conversation:

It would be great to have this option also for individual posts (not just the entire topic).

As a workaround, it is currently possible to first move those posts into a new topic and then move that topic to a private conversation, but it’s not ideal.

My use case is the following: people keep responding to topics by replying to the email they received, not realizing that their reply will be public. I have changed the email footer clarifying that replies will be public, but it doesn’t seem to help. So I’m moving those replies into private messages to hide potentially embarrassing content and to then reply privately.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

That is just a bit too fringe and complicated. In the very rare case that this happens, I would just:

  • Copy/quote the post in full
  • Delete the public post
  • Paste my copy/quote into a PM with that poster.

Why is this happening? Any way you could set clearer expectations?

(Christoph) #3

I guess it’s a variation of the reply-to-all-problem on mailing lists: when people receive an email from sender x, they assume that if they reply to this email, the reply will go (only) to sender x. With watching_first_post, discourse already has a great way of mitigating that behaviour (at least those replies will not be emailed to all), but I don’t see any additional steps I could take, apart from clarifying the email footer (which I have already done).

(Arnold Schrijver) #4

I agree with @tophee here.

On we are currently discussing strategies for reorganizing the forum and as a result we have lotsa PM communication among a network of active members and staff. Also this way of working will continue after reorg is done. Our forum is the raw body of work from which to derive follow-up actions and projects.

Notifying participants to stay within the topic and create a new PM title when they broach a new subject goes a long way, but as with email users still frequently forget to do this. And private messages are harder to find and search, so there is risk of valuable info becoming lost, fall from the radar.

In our case the workaround @tophee suggests would mean that strategies under preparation would be visible for a short time to people who should not see them yet. Maybe they even receive a mail notification from them?

Would be great if PM topics could be moderated in same way as public topics, so: 1. Select post, 2. Move to new PM topic

(Christoph) #5

Wouldn’t it be better to have those discussions in private categories (or as group PMs, for that matter)?

(Arnold Schrijver) #6

Yes, they are group PM’s, but occur in all kinds of different conglomerations.

(Christoph) #7

I guess it’s also a matter of preference for how you want to use discourse, but I believe for your use case, the more common way of using discourse would be to have those discussions in private categories instead of group PMs precisely because you have different interconnected issues that different people are more or less involved in - a problem that discourse has excellent solutions for but by using PMs you are missing most of them.

(Arnold Schrijver) #8

Yes, this may be the case, but one other thing we try to do is minimize the number of categories. I’ll think about best way to do this. Thank you @tophee!

But I still think this feature request would be a nice addition :slight_smile:


I would welcome this feature and agree with @tophee

It would be great to have a post by post “get a room!” capability … I have one user who keeps going off topic and posting one to one within a broader Topic. I have become aware that this annoys other users.