How can I move posts to a new message?

Discourse version in our forum is 3.2.0.beta1-dev

I searched and I found that page didn’t look the same for me.

If you are moving a whole topic, I don’t think the message option will appear. Instead, you can use the same topic admin wrench icon at top right corner of the topic you want to move to pm, but instead of “Select Posts” click/tap “Make Personal Message”.

If you are moving a some selected posts in a topic, then the new message option will appear in the move posts modal.


I think if you select the first post in a topic you would only get the option to move to an ‘Existing Topic’ appear in the modal (and be able to convert to a PM from the topic wrench).

The screenshot in the OP looks like it could be from a moderator or TL4, as they would not have the option to convert it to a PM from there. Are you attempting this as an admin @wellbing-go?


Thanks @Lilly @JammyDodger :blush:
Let me explain the situation clearer. I am a moderator, and I tried to select the posts in a topic (not the #1) to convert them into a PM.
I am confused because I think any staff can move the posts. I wonder if there is a plugin to have this function on.

Oh, it seems that I work it out.
Only admins have the ability to move posts to a new message. But I don’t really understand the meaning to create such a gap so that moderators can’t do this.

This is what I see in an admin’s page.


I think this has been mentioned before. Mods can make a whole topic a PM from the topic wrench, but not split individual posts out into a new PM from the ‘select posts’ option.

It’s not immediately obvious to me what the distinction is, but I can see what I can find out. :slight_smile:


Having a little root around, I think this is some relevant information:

Looks like it may be possible to make a change, though I don’t think the issue has cropped up enough to make it a priority.

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