Splitting topic into a new message for moderation

I recently came across a situation where I needed to talk to a user about further clarification about what his topic was about, to ensure that they didn’t disobey the rules. I initially started the conversation on the original topic, I then realised I needed to get into more detail and information and I didn’t want to derail the topic any further. My intention was to split the topic into a new message, I realised that this wasn’t available :frowning: would it be possible for this to be implemented? As the aforementioned situation, I just had to split it into a new topic then make the topic a private message which wasn’t really ideal.


Moving posts to a new message is supported and has worked for some time:

Are you an admin, or moderator? Which version are you using?


This Discourse site I’m a moderator for is running v2.3.0.beta5 +9.

Are the posts in a restricted category? I’ve just checked and moderators can’t split posts into a PM.

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Yea, they’re not in a restricted category. Just seems to be moderator limitation then. :slight_smile:

The difficulty is that you wouldn’t have access, as moderators don’t have access to PMs unless they are a part of the PM or the PM is currently flagged.


But for splitting them into a new message should be capable, right? Not an already existing message.

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Kind of, but that doesn’t mean they have access to the PM unless they are also moving a post they created there.