Back to topic list scroll position not smooth


I noticed the scroll position changed on topic lists when go back from topics. I think this commit FIX: Store scroll position when using Back button (#16658) · discourse/discourse@1d76c5e · GitHub changed this.

It works great on activity, bookmarks pages etc… I think because there are two loaders, first load top section and then the content maybe. But on topic list it seems to not too smooth, because it jumps to the top of the page first and then to the correct position. On slower sites and/or slower android devices or with topic list contains images it’s much bouncier (probably this is not the best word).

On Meta is faster and better but you can see a little bit jump.

On theme creator site I think the previous version available and it’s much smoother.

But on my site this process is slower and topic list contains images you can see first this is go to top then to the position.

On activity page it seems great I think because the separate loaders. First loads the top then the stream.

I don’t know which category is the best for this topic. I placed this in #bug but I hesitate because it works but a little different then before. Please move this to the correct category if i was wrong.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think #ux is right, will let designers have a look to see if any improvements are in place.

Can you try meta in safe mode as well?

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Yes, in safe mode same as Meta. I think the images and the other customizations make this big difference.