Discourse jumps back 20 posts in post history when navigating to new topic

Recently our users have noticed (myself included) that sometimes when navigating to a new topic Discourse will jump back 20 posts (consistently 20) in post history. It’s driving people crazy. We are on the latest version of Discourse as of today and it’s still happening. We have people reporting this with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Any help is appreciated.


I’ve noticed that recently when I click on the number of new messages of a topic (next to its title in latest for instance) it sometime (unclear as for the condition for a repro) doesn’t land where it should.
Not sure if it’s related to this 20 messages jump as I was thinking some lazy loading of images… :thinking: .
Occurred on meta too (just now in this topic: Secure Uploads).


Same happened to me here in Meta in the same topic: I clicked on Secure uploads from Announcements via the left menu. My first thought a post was edited, but it wasn’t. Then I saw this topic.

I checked several topics ranging from 40+ to 700+ posts on my own forum and everything is fine there. :man_shrugging:

Edit: While perusing my own forum I just now had this happen on an old topic with 47 posts. I was taken to post #28 instead of to the end.


We see the same on our forum.
I think it’s also related to this thread:


I can replicate this on a few devices. :+1:

Someone has been assigned to look into it, so will hopefully have a fix soon.


Yep 100% that’s what it is, seeing this too. Major issue. Very disorientating, even more so on mobile.


Noticing this on our forum also, starting almost exactly at the same time as the Templates starting.


Can anyone confirm this bug is still happening after FIX: Correctly reset `controllerReady` prop (#18727) · discourse/discourse@589a249 · GitHub?

That fix landed around 2022-10-24T21:00:00Z


I can confirm. :raised_hand: It’s been happening to me this morning on my Android.

And on Windows 11/Firefox too (just checked)


Updated my forum, it’s still happening.

It’s pretty consistant to reproduce, simply scrolling (even a single pixel) before posts are completely loaded and the position is jumping 20 posts.


Still happening on my forum, in both website & mobile


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: it happens to me much less then before but still happens sometimes.

I checked on mobile and desktop.

Android 12
Chrome 106.0.5249.126

MacOS 12.4
Chrome 105.0.5195.125


I have the distinct impression that’s it’s worst on mobile? Is it possible? I just looked at 10 new posts on my forum on my phone, all 10 times I was moving 20 posts back. On desktop, I have the impression that if I don’t scroll before loading, it’s more stable.

IMO this problem is serious, the changes responsible should be reverted ASAP until everything in working order. It’s breaking the forum in a major way.


The changes are already reverted (DEV: Revert topic loading async changes by CvX · Pull Request #18757 · discourse/discourse · GitHub) but haven’t landed on tests-passed branch yet because of the issues in our internal CI process. Should be up within an hour.

update: the revert is now on tests-passed

To be able to reproduce the issue consistently it’s required to either use a slower device (or a device under heavy load) or under worse network conditions. That’s why mobile could be more affected more often.


Yet another very recent bug replicated with a vegence in beta14

Here is the old but locked for reference:

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I’ve reopened the topic and slid your post across to keep the reports grouped together. :+1:

Could you give some repro steps to confirm it’s the same issue?


I noticed it on mobile, and thought “oh is this that bug again…”, behaviour same as outline din this topic.

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I cannot repro this in the same way as last time. :thinking:

What device/browser are you using, and what buttons are you pressing when you experience it? (topic list, notifications, unread, sidebar…)

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