Reading occasional "New" topics - return return to place in list


I currently have 29 Discourse sites that I scan every day. Some of these sites have high volumes of posts. For reading the high volume sites on my Android phone, when scanning down a list of hundreds of topics but only clicking on and reading a few, it would be convenient after reading the topic and hitting the “Back” button, to return to the same place I was in the list of topics - before I clicked on the just read topic - instead of being sent back to the beginning of the list and having to do a whole lot of scrolling every time . .

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I’m not following here. That’s the way it should work by default.

If you visit, scroll down, click on a topic, then hit the back button, you’ll be taken back to the exact spot you were on before - there’s also an animation that triggers to let you know. This works on both desktop and mobile.

Are you experiencing something different?


Yes, as I said - on my desktop it does work as you describe but on my Android phone it goes back to the top of the list . .


Odd, @Falco you are on Android do you have a repro?

What is the exact version of Android / exact browser version you are on @philip_rhoades ?

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Nope. It works just fine on my phone. I go back to my exact position on the topic list after going back in the browser history from a topic.


Version 1.6.0

Of course now it seems to work . .

I will wait for a day or two when a few of my busy sites have a lot of posts again and see if I can reproduce the problem again . .

So annoying when the problem magically goes away . . just after you report it . .