Backup Creation suddenly taking 7+ hours

My backups have been taking increasingly longer to create (expected I’d presume as the site is growing) but this is by far the longest it’s ever taken. More worrying, for the last few days the entire site has been noticeably slower loading anything (which may or may not be even worse on mobile). All actions from refreshing, creating posts, entering topics. I have no idea what would cause this? And it doesn’t help that it’s slowed down more while creating the backup…all day. I still have 10+GB free (and have had around this for months), there’s been no specific changes other than a few plugins, I guess?

This backup process was initiated at 7:18 (relative to the times in the screenshot) and is currently still at the last process so I would expect even longer. (Total size including uploads when complete is roughly 4.9GB)

I’m using one of the 20GB DigitalOcean options. I don’t even know what I should be looking for, so any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated

Sounds like you don’t have enough RAM and it’s doing a lot of swapping to be able to gzip your uploads and database.

You can try upgrading RAM without resizing disk (so you can switch back if it doesn’t fix it).

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Did you change any of the default values of backup related site settings? See

Which droplet type/size is this exactly? I don’t see a droplet with 20 GiB of SSD size at Droplet Pricing | DigitalOcean

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