Backup/export/import Preferences

Sure, admins backup, export, import settings all the time, Export and import site settings .

But what about the little guy, the end user?

Certainly the preferences I use on site A, I probably also want to use on site B, or even C.

Plus what if a site goes kaboom? Sure would like to have a backup of my Preferences.

And one should find such functionality right there in the standard app, and not have to hunt around for some third party version.

Hmm seems you can even have some central sync authority…

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There is the ability to download your own stuff. :+1: It’s been a function we’ve been quite pleased with for some time. :slight_smile:

We’re trialling a new nav menu here on Meta, and you can find that option in


And if you are on a site that’s not using it yet, you can find it under ‘Activity’:

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Sounds great, I wonder why I didn’t remember it when I saw it.

Ah ha, because it says “request archive”.

Sounds like I have to ask the administrator for something.

So even though I haven’t pushed it (the button) yet, but it sounds like I will be drawing the attention of some Administrators maybe.

(I mean here we are in the ux group so I’m to give you all my ux impressions. I wouldn’t want to skimp on those.)

Sure I bet it’s just some kind of timer or something but it still sounds kind of scary.

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I think it did have different text on it until fairly recently? I think it was ‘Download All’.

Would something like that give a more ‘automated’ feel to it?


Yeah feedback on the language is welcome. It was updated to “request” instead of “download” because the download isn’t instant when you click the button. Depending on how much activity your account has it may take the system a few minutes to prepare the file for download (and you receive a message once it’s ready).


Make “Request archive” just be a simple unnamed download icon button.

And after

Download an archive of your account activity and preferences.

just mention “you’ll get notified when it’s ready.”

And, many users just want their preferences not their activity, and many others want the opposite. So do consider not gluing them together. Have separate downloads. Or have all three buttons, A, P, A+P.

Okay, there’s certainly many categories in the zip.
Perhaps just have a bunch of checkboxes so that user can configure what he’s about to download.

And wait a second, what about importing preferences in?

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Okay the preferences.json… is so packed with stuff that we didn’t actually generate ourselves. So maybe there ought to be a second diet version that only contains things that we set ourselves when editing our preferences.

Actually Facebook, Google, etc. all allow users to pick and choose what stuff they want in the archive that will be produced. Some even have an index.html in the archive to make it “more friendly” than just a bunch of files.

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