User born after 1904

Upon examining a dump (Backup/export/import Preferences) 99% of users will rush to correct

'birthdate' => '1904-12-16',

Alas, in preferences/profile there is no way to set year.

Anyway 1904 was a good internal placeholder, until users notice it.

Yes, it doesn’t matter, but as you know, even one old age wrinkle gets people running to the pharmacy to blot out.

P.S., where is the best place to file such minor issues? (GitHub, but
where?) Thanks.

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I’m not sure how users would know or enter the birth year when discourse neither provides a way to input the birth year nor does it display it anywhere in the UI. I think a default of 1904 is done as a placeholder to ensure the dates are valid but there is no other purpose of the Year in this.


Thanks for letting us know!

This is the right place, we don’t have any sort of issue tracking enabled on Github. Someone from the team will inevitably read every post here, but not everything will be prioritized for immediate action or attention.