I’ve already read the threads that there’s often a problem with moving.

I’m just testing it, actually. And now I don’t know if maybe I’m doing something in a bad order?

the rake rebake post command returns 0 - so all posts are ok.

And now there’s a question. Maybe backup should be done after disconnecting from cdn? i.e. rebulld forum so that it does not use cdn and only then do the backup and move to another server?

If you change the CDN then you’ll need to rebake after you change it. Do you have CDN configured on the new site?

I moved the page . And there are no pictures. I added “old” cdn. There were some pictures but only for a while (cache ? ) but later those pictures disappeared.

I added a new adress cdn2.domain . But it didn’t help.
So i deleted cdn. And now I’m checking by hand copying files with original images to the current folder.

I copied all the files, then I tried the command like this:

./launcher enter app
rake posts:missing_uploads
rake uploads:regenerate_missing_optimized
rake posts:inline_uploads
rake uploads:missing
rake posts:rebake

but it didn’t help, the pictures still don’t want to be restored.

That’s why I tried 3 more ways. So I set S3 and so I copied all images (original and optimized folder) (copy-paste) into bucket . But there is a problem because the rake migrate Migrating uploads to S3 for 'default'... rake aborted! command returns an error. eh…

We the images being served by the new server? Do they all exist there? You need to copy them manually or by restoring a full backup.

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