[Paid] Restore broken images uploaded to S3

Hi Guys,

While we were trying to setup a second CDN (check why here), we broke most of our images. Not sure what happened but now we have the following issues:

  • 25-40% of all pictures have been replaced by transparent.png
  • Corresponding pictures have been moved to tombstone
  • When I browse through revisions of some posts, I can find references to an old (since removed) CDN. I guess one rebake operation did fail

Our ultimate goal would be to:
1/ Restore images copied to the tombstone folder
2/ Restore/rebuild HMTL so images appear again

The rake task “recover_from_tombstone” could do the job but it does not work on S3 (external storage).

So far, we tried to

  • rebake all posts
  • remove s3 cdn from the settings and then rebake all posts

No success…

Any idea?

We would happy to pay for some support. The best option (maybe the quickest) would be to use TeamViewer so we can run commands through my terminal.

Thank you for your help

Did you run the migrate from s3 task?

This js the task that downloads all images from S3 to local server.

Will it repair posts having transparent.png files?

Hi guys,

We got @pfaffman to help us with this issue. We did have to move pictures back to the server and run few rake commands. Not trivial :slight_smile:

Big thank you to @pfaffman for his professionalism and his expertise. I highly recommend him if you need support!



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