Rebake did not actually revert the URLs back to local

I had images migrated from s3 to local successfully and posts rebaked as well! however, the image URLs are still from s3 bucket and not from the server. New uploads are served from server however old uploads are being served from s3!

am I missing something?

That’s already done!
after that the posts rebake task is also run!

both have completed successfully without any errors.

Seems like download remote images to local is going to do it’s thing!

I see some 400+ tasks scheduled there so maybe I just have to wait a couple more hours?

It may not work since the uploads are not in external URL format.

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It didn’t work, at last I had to roll back to a point where uploads to s3 were enabled.
I lost almost a day’s data in this. I hope the rake task is fixed soon so that this doesn’t happens to others.