Bad 'new or updated topics' count in filtered page

I’ll start by admitting this feels a bit unfair since I’ve taken to using a filtered version of our Latest page:

Even with the filter applied, it looks like I get an unfiltered version of the “new or updated topics” notification for the page. In this example the notification simply disappears:

More usually a bigger number has racked up since my last refresh of the page, e.g. 30, and clicking the notification will get me… 4 new topics at the top of the list.


Yeah I totally support improving this, but it is going to be a journey.

We need provide enough logic client side to do the filtering correctly based on messages from the server. We certainly want to get it sorted, but it is a massive undertaking to catch the entire DSL.

We are also working on refining and making our DSL consistent with search when filtering topics. Hold tight … we will get there.