Badge Favorites not working for some users - They get pop-up stating "FAILED"

I am having an issue with a user not being able to toggle their favorites. I found a few articles on here and pull requests that match this error, but they are two years old and the merge reqeusts were in place. So it seems to be another issue.

It is not every user, but this user has two favorites for their badges. Each badge has more then one accomplished. When I click on favorite it just shows a pop-up that says failed.

The concole in chrom states that we get a 400 error from our url /user_badges/17307/toggle_favorite.

Any ideas on how to fix this. It doesn’t work on the app or in the browser.

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However the clicking twice did not work for this error.

Hi @Josiah_Philipsen :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this in the end?