Badge Glitch

I was on a forum and i went to check people’s badges, i saw @twofoursixeight’s badges and he was granted “First Emoji” 2 times, even though the badge doesn’t say it can be granted multiple times.

When i click on these, it does show the emojis, but i don’t know how he got granted “First Emoji” twice.

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Perhaps the first emoji post got deleted and then the next time he used an emoji, he was awarded the badge again. Can happen with first like badge and welcome badge too I think.


I didn’t know about that :smiley:

I thought it was a duplicate of

But maybe not then?


I think that’s the same issue, especially since the forum is the same. Only difference seems to be that the dupes were not removed.


I made an account on that forum on 08-26-2023 then it got merged a few days later. However, the forum is not removing the duplicate badge. Unlike the other duplicate badges, “First Emoji” happens to presist.

This exact user has the same bug on the same forum as well:

Let’s continue on the original topic then :technologist:

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