Received Welcome badge multiple times

Hiya, I received a badge (the Welcome badge) three times on the Roblox Developer Forum ( Here’s a screenshot from when I had it twice:

I have since received it a third time. One person in the original thread I made on the devforum (cannot link it here as it’s private) said it may be because badges are only for public categories and the threads I originally got the badge on got moved into a private category (I have no way of finding out what posts I first got it on, however, so cannot check if this was the case)

Possible repro steps assuming they were correct (if they weren’t, then I’m not sure):

  1. Create a new account and give it a like in a public category.
  2. Move the thread the like was given on to a private category.
  3. Make a new thread in a public category and give the new account another like in that category.

In theory, this should cause double-receipt of the badge.


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All badges that query a specific post, the Welcome badge included, can show which topic/reply the badge was earned on. I checked your profile and you earned it on this post.

In addition, you did not earn this badge multiple times, you merely got 2 notifications for it.


I had previously earned it on two other posts before, and every time I earned it again, the post I had earned it on changed and the time since I got it reset.