Multiple "first quote" badges being given

On our forums, we’ve had a few users that are receiving a notification for the “First Quote” badge despite already having the badge. Are there any logs that would help troubleshoot why a badge is given multiple times?

Not really. You can preview Granted Badges on the badge page but it is only a sample.

You could also run the SQL query to see the full set.

Have you changed any settings?

It might be helpful to include some screenshots so we can troubleshoot.

Here is a screenshot of my user getting the “First Quote” badge twice:

Could a post rebake cause the badge to be granted again? The rebakes don’t line up perfectly with getting the badge, but it is about a day after which, I think, is about when the automated badge task runs.


Yeah, that badge setting is Run revocation query daily by default so that would make sense.


Ahh, ok. Good to know.

That makes sense then. I think we can close this one out. Thanks!