Badge Notifications aren't translated when granted in batches


Eu não sou do Brasil, mas eu falo um pouco português :smiley:

Seems like this might actually be a bug? This is what I’m seeing.

So the translation is pulled on the badges page, but not in the notifications dropdown, for some reason… (but some translations are pulled in the notifications dropdown).

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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

This is a legit bug it looks like!

The call here:

isn’t wrapped on i18n as this one:

So, some badges get translated while the ones that are granted trough the big granter job aren’t.


Should we post this as a bug? I don’t fully understand the issue, so if you don’t mind posting it, that would be great! Thanks so much for looking in to this! I thought I was losing my mind…

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Ok, I have a fix:

Since this can be pretty perf sensitive, when we make this :100: you gonna have your badge notifications all localized!

(Jeff Atwood) #5