Title from badge not translated when selected in profile

This issue was already reported a while ago but it seems no solution was found:

I noticed this for the badge “regular” (trust level 3). In Badges this is translated to the german badge “Stammgast”:
So I also checked the value mentioned by @tgxworld /admin/customize/site_texts/badges.regular.name and it is set to “Stammgast”.

If I set the title in my profile it is also correct translated:
Then I save the setting and it is shown correctly:
But in my posts it is shown as “Regular”:
And when I load my settings again it also shows Regular:

Current Version is: Discourse 1.9.6 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version 3b220d6102656e4d12cc210413f0f16680ee98c5


It seems with 2.0 the issue has changed. Now the badge/title can be set by admin and is the correct localized version.
But for the user the title setting is broken. If the user himself tries to set it in his profile, settings, it is not saved at all. If I change the translation of the name of the badge to “Regular” or set the locale to English it works.
What also works is when the change is done at profile, badges (is this approach checked differently?). But if you set the badge there and load the page again “none” is preselected instead of the current title. This is the same for the english locale - so it seems this page does not get the current title correctly.


The bug still exists in 2.0.1. And I found another one… even when you can select the translated value in the badges page, it is reset after a while. So I guess that a task that checks if you are allowed to have the title is also not aware of the translation and then revokes it?


Is there any ETA when this fix will be patched :slight_smile: ?


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