Badges based on GitHub contributions!

Continuing the discussion from Badges feedback:

Is it a plugin? I need it for my community! How can I add it to my installation? Does it work currently?

It works, but only watches a single repository specified in the admin control panel, and IIRC it’s based on matching email address of the committer with the Discourse email address, rather than a GitHub ID.

It’s added in the standard plugin way of specifying the GitHub repository path in your Discourse configuration file.

I know from our side we’d love the ability to specify multiple repositories, as well as match on a custom user field of GitHub ID. :slight_smile:

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Any news? I’d like to add a badge based on this search on github:
org:my_org type:pr is:merged

Looks like the only commit to this plugin in the past year was from @zogstrip and didn’t really do much for functionality.

I’d also highly encourage you to use a slightly different approach, as should any of your contributors use a different email in their git configuration when committing their changes, it will fail to recognize those contributions (or if they change their email address later on).

That is why we were hoping to be able to use a field for GitHub ID. :slight_smile:

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This plugin was merely done as an example of how to write a plugin for the badge system. Feel free to improve it :wink:

Update October 2018 is now deprecated in favor of