Discourse GitHub Badges Not Working As Expected

Hello there,

On a Discourse-hosted instance forum, we have enabled installed and enabled the discourse-github plugin:


However, after doing this back in August 2020, only a few users have received the badges/correct badges. It appears the badges were mostly handed out immediately after configuration.

As an example case-study:

Note: I changed my GitHub username, in December. If this affected the outcome in any way, then so be it. However, others have:

  • not changed any account details
  • have logged into the forum through GitHub
  • and have received no badges after contributing

We have been unable to pin-point anything incorrectly configured, and would appreciate any assistance/clarification with this. I have looked at this reply on meta.discourse.

Feel free to ask for more details, if necessary; I would be able to get permission for other users/case-studies.