Badges in Discourse communities

Hello there! Badria here and I have noticed a problem as I enter Discourse communities, the badge function. I have seen many times (so many I cannot count) that badges Discourse-based communities that badges take too much time, ranging from 24 hrs-72 hrs. As we all know, Badges have been malfunctioning from time to time but I have not seen them take this much time (usually they come in 10min-1hr). So I ask the Discourse team to revise the functions on Discourse.

~Badria :sparkles:


Honestly, I wouldn’t be that surprised about this… Indeed, the “Welcome” badge for example, granted when you receive a like on a post, is usually granted a day after the like was cast, which is the time during which one can uncast a badge. And as the system is not going to remove the badge if the like is removed by the user who cast it, you have to wait for it to be granted to you. Seems logical to me.
Other badges, such as “First share” are granted immediately for me, in this case when someone clicks on one of your shared links.
Or am I saying crap? Or did I misunderstand you?


If the site is function properly, badges should either be granted soon after a user acts on a post, or within 24 hours of when the user took the action that the badge is granted for.

Badges that should be granted shortly after a user acts on a post include:

“First Reply By Email”,
“Popular Link”,
“First Onebox”,
“First Link”,
“Nice Post”,
“First Emoji”,
“First Flag”,
“First Like”,
“Nice Share”,
“Good Share”,
“Great Share”,
“Good Post”,
“Great Post”,
“Nice Topic”,
“Good Topic”,
“Great Topic”,
“Hot Link”,
“Famous Link”,
“First Share”,
“First Quote”,
“First Mention”,
“Wiki Editor”,

Badges that are only granted once every 24 hours include:

“New User of the Month”,
“Read Guidelines”,
“Gives Back”,
“Basic User”,
“Thank You”,
“Out of Love”,
“Higher Love”,
“Crazy in Love”,
“Great contributor”,
“Amazing contributor”,

If it is taking much longer than 24 hours to be granted the badges from the second list, it could indicate that there is an issue with background jobs running on the site.


@simon @schleifer

I want to know how can I get Licensed and Certified badges. I tried everything but it didn’t work.

When you signed up, @discobot sent you a message. Do what it says.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@schleifer Thanks. Was able to get the licensed one. How to get the certified badge.
When I did @discobot start tutorial, it just displays this:

There’s a second “advanced tutorial” that the help text (and the end of the first one?) tells you about.

Did you follow the instruction at the end of the message? You could also answer with skip to get the next message.