Base Download Error

I have been trying to install Discourse today and after initiating download of the Discourse base image (./discourse-setup) the system gets to the following point and then just hangs, eventually closing the connection.

Unable to find image 'discourse/base:2.0.20190505-2322' locally
2.0.20190505-2322: Pulling from discourse/base
7e6591854262: Pulling fs layer
089d60cb4e0a: Pulling fs layer
9c461696bc09: Pulling fs layer
45085432511a: Pulling fs layer
f164bafe611d: Pulling fs layer
45085432511a: Waiting
f164bafe611d: Waiting
089d60cb4e0a: Verifying Checksum
089d60cb4e0a: Download complete
9c461696bc09: Verifying Checksum
9c461696bc09: Download complete
45085432511a: Verifying Checksum
45085432511a: Download complete

I have tested my internet connection and it appears stable.

How might I go about finding out what is causing this process to be interrupted.


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Welcome, Simon!

When you say it “closes the connection”, what closes why connection? Are you losing your ssh connection to your server?

What is the server? How much ram does it have?

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Hi Jay
Thanks for responding to this. The setup has now run successfully. I’m not certain what fixed it, but I suspect it was a problem with PuTTY connecting to the server.

Thanks again

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Sounds right. A cool solution is mosh. I don’t know if it’s available for windows.

There is a mosh executable, but it depends on whether it was the server or client which was having connectivity issues as to whether it would help.

One simpler native solution is just to set Discourse up from inside a screen session.


Right screen or tmux (my favorite) requires installation just on the server. Not sure why that wasn’t my first recommendation. It took me five years to start using mosh.


Thanks, guys! I’m all set up now. I will check out screen and mosh for future uses though.