Installing a plugin on a hosted plan?

I’m not very techy (at all) and want to use Discourse to build my online community on. I’ve got it set up with my domain and started to get the hang of using it and customizing the basics.

I wanted to install a plugin, which has left me feeling really confused. I should be using a container? I don’t know what this is. Also I keep seeing that I need to install discourse myself, but I thought it was already set up because it works for me.

I know how dumb this sounds, I just have no idea about this kind of stuff but I’m really keen to learn. Are there any posts out which really explain all of the absolute basics?


How did you install Discourse? Was it a “one click installer” like on Google Cloud?

For example there’s the Bitnami version on Google cloud, and yes it works and loads “fine”, but is outdated so most plugins won’t work.

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Hmm! I just selected the business option, signed up and connected my domain. Discourse emailed to say it was ready to log into.

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Then I was totally off. I believe you are on one the official hosted Discourse packages. Your Discourse version should be up to date and should work with plugins just fine.

Because I don’t know how the packages work, I’ll stop here and let someone with more knowledge chime in.

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The plugins supported on each hosting plan are listed on the page — you’ll need to refer to that.


Oh - I just need to upgrade then! I’m relieved, I thought I was doing this entirely wrong. Thank you!

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