Difference between different hostings

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Is there any difference between hosting services listed below.


And are there any other hosting services other than the above 2?
The first one is very pricy and the second one from what I understand is a one time hosting service. If we have our own infrastructure is it better to go with 2nd one if there isnt any other hosting services?

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You can take a look here: What are some reputable managed Discourse hosting providers out there?

You can also self-host Discourse since it’s open-source software.


There is us :slight_smile:

In contrast to a one time installation service we take full responsibility for the availability and correct functioning of your forum, we make sure your forum software is up-to-date, and we make sure the servers have all the security patches they need.


Richard is it possible for you to host it in our infrastructure and add any of your employee for managing our discourse. Few details about us.

BYJUs is a Unicorn start based out of India. BYJUs is into educational technology space. We wanted to integrate discourse as a discussion forum for the students like discussion forum in Coursera for eg. We are very fast moving organisation and want to get this discussion forum up and running as soon as we can. It would be helpful if we can get on call at the earliest possible time to have a discussion around this.


I have sent you a PM.

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Though one-time installations is a part of the business (It’s the bread and butter), Literate Computing also provides a wide range of support services, including hourly consulting, deployment on specialized configurations, and management on customer infrastructure (it pays the rent).


I am a Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) customer and highly recommend them!


But why do you guys don’t allow users to install their favorite plugins with SSH? This is like keeping us hostage.

Am I right or I just wait for the support team to reach out?

I object to the terminology of “keeping one hostage”. Aside from the fact that I find it tasteless and ridiculous to compare a business situation with such a crime, it would imply customers cannot leave our hosting, and they can - you can download a backup and change your DNS and host somewhere else at any time you desire.

When a plugin is not in the list of installable plugins, just reach out to us and let us know which plugin you want to install. We’ll vet it and - when it’s stable and falls within the limits of you plan - we’ll install it within 12 hours.

We don’t allow you to install plugins yourself because we offer managed hosting where we prevent your forum from crashing or going down. If we allow our customers to have SSH access and/or install plugins we don’t know, we cannot take that responsibility.


If you are adept at using ssh why don’t you self-host?


So in limits, there are only 5 in the starter pack. If I need a few more then?

No, there are 12 (fixed) plugins on the starter plan.

On the Professional plan, you get to install 5 extra plugins of your choice made by Communiteq, Discourse or Pavilion. On the Business plan you get up to 10 plugins made by anyone (as long as they’re written well). If you want more, you contact us and we discuss your needs.

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Oh, really? That’s very nice. Even 8 plugins can do the work on the starter plan.

Hmm, I will consider it for my other forums or I will migrate to you guys after getting good exposure for my forum

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