Basic login help needed

I have tried to maintain a new site as much as possible. I applied many updates without problems. Then, a few months ago a user was unable to login and received a screen with five Google dots and no other screen login.
I could not recreate the problem until I logout. And now I also cannot login. I see Google dots but not the needed login text. I feel I have done something to bork the config settings but cannot login to try to fix the issue. I need help to:

  1. login as admin
  2. adjust config settings
    Thanks in advance.
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Try safe mode.

It sounds like you have a problem with some assets not loading.

You might share your url


@Pfaffman, thanks for the assist. Problem resolved. Normal screens were served in safe mode but returned to what I thought were Google dots (actually an error screen provided by CloudFlare). Next I edited app.yml to remove extra plugins and rebuilt. All is good. Thanks again, much appreciated.


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