Basic Product Documentation


Hi, I’m new to Discourse and I’m just looking for basic documentation about features. Searching these forums so far hasn’t yielded the kind of information I’m looking for. I particularly want to know about what badges, groups, and trust levels are intended for, and what functionality options they carry. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Badges are there to encourage experimenting with features and reward great content. They are a substitute for the user manual.

Groups are 100% about security, if you need a particular group of users to see content that nobody else can see, you start with a group. Then you assign the group to a category.

There is a trust level explanation topic in the faq category here, but in general, trust level lets users have more community cleanup and moderation powers as they spend more time on the site.



Thanks for the info! Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say badges are a substitute for the user manual? That’s the only part I’m not sure I understand.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Here’s an example:

Badges give you a set of objectives that you can achieve in your own order, on your own terms, and you “explore” the product to get there.


This is great information. Thanks again!