Be sure to get user input on which language the preformatted text is

Here the user has chosen Preformated text,

We observe the program has taken the liberty to color his text in various ways, without giving the user any way to control how.

Yes, there are ways to control how, but the program has not in any way tipped the user off as to how.

There at least needs to be an “i” within a circle the user can click, where he can learn what parameters will affect the coloring, or even how to turn off the coloring, to simply get “Preformatted text”, without any artificial color.

Sure, the user could Google for the answer, but he shouldn’t be forced to.

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The reason I believe that the text is colored that was is because if you were to place that “code” inside an app such as Visual Studio Code, that is the color that it would pop up in.

I am sure there is some logic behind that but I cannot figure that out. :slight_smile:

So the dialog doesn’t ask the user what computer language they are using!

OK, so when the user selects Preformatted Text from the tool bar, there needs to be a box for the user to enter the computer language of the text, and also a list of the current valid languages to choose from. Perhaps a radio button dialog.

Currently the dialog just uses a “one size fits all” choice for language. (Which one is picked isn’t shown to the user either.)