Being switched to tablet mode somehow

Since an upgrade last week, it seems like I get switched over to tablet mode frequently, losing the left sidebar. I can get it back, but it is a bit annoying.

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I was like “what the heck is tablet mode?” so I got the answer and realized the last time I used Windows was version 8. :laughing:

Is there no setting for disabling per site or something? I’m just curious because I had no idea that there was a tablet mode view of Discourse. (Linux and Mac user here)
Is it similar to mobile mode? I have an iPad but tablet mode doesn’t seem to apply to Apple devices. :thinking:


I think tablet mode and mobile mode are the same thing, maybe the terminology isn’t used consistently or it was just my bad.

But somehow I’m getting into that mode and I’m not clicking on the icon to switch to mobile mode.

Many’s the time I have wished I didn’t have to use Windows!


You say you’re losing the left sidebar. Doesn’t it mean nothing else changes?


It goes into mobile mode, I have to switch back to desktop mode to get the left sidebar back.

I’m not sure what I’m doing to cause the mode change, nothing intentional. But it’s occurring several times a day.

It does not seem to be happening on the meta site, just on my self-hosted site, which was updated last week (patch 467e1a1bdd).

I’m updating to the latest release to see if that changes anything.


Followup: It’s happened at least once since updating Discourse.

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Hey Mike :wave:

Can you share more info about your site (your site url if it’s public) and the used device? So we can test it and see more clearly what is happening. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are two sites in the multi-site container:

It happens in both of them. I’ve not tried it in anonymous mode, just as the admin.

The mode change seems to happen right after I make a post.

@MikeNolan, I wanted to register on your forum to check things, but we can’t at the moment. I suggest you upgrade Discourse, the issue was fixed two days ago:

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I just upgraded my site.

With Arkshine’s help, I think this is most likely an issue of phantom mouse-clicks (or my hands touching the touchpad) happening on my system after I post, because the ‘reply’ button was pretty much on top of the ‘mobile’ mode icon.

By resizing the screen, the reply button moved away from the mobile icon.