Suggestion: modifiation of the word list filter approval popup

we are using the word list filter functionality, so that new posts are either blocked, flagged or need to be approved.

For the posts that need to be approved it would be good to see directly which word triggered the approval request.

Our approval word list does have currently 63 words (some of them with the star at the end so even more possibilities) and looking manually in the post for the words in order to find out why the approval was triggered is quite annoying for the moderators.


This would be a nice improvement if we could do it @eviltrout but I am not sure if it is possible.

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I actually took a quick look at this but the way watched words currently worked is they’re munged together into one big regular expression that returns true/false if it matches. With some refactoring we could have the watched word code return the word(s) that matched and then I could include that in the review queue.


Dupe topic @Pad_Pors

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