Best tools, materials & practices to onboard a hoarde of new users?

Yes, I get that error too, I think it’s because my earlier suggestion to add u.user_profile = was in fact incorrect. When I run the script with your sample CSV and without that line (so I run the script as it was originally), I don’t encounter any errors and your user is just imported as it should.

Could you try that again?

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Hello @vindia, i’m trying your script as @alehman. it turns out that it’s not working, i’m getting the same error as posted on this thread. Do you have any light?

Hey Michael,

I would love to help out, but since I wrote the script a lot of things have changed in the Discourse database structure. I’m not using Discourse anymore so I’ve got no real way of testing or updating my script to this new structure.

Please check my answer in to see how to (possibly) fix this.