Best way to categorize and track metrics for support topics

We use Discourse both to facilitate community discussion around our app, and also to do all user-facing technical support.

There is a support category where people post general issues, and our support team is also a group (@support) that can be flagged when people need help in other areas of the site, like in the Feature Requests category.

Our moderators do a great job keeping things categorized properly, but I am working to streamline our support infrastructure and need a way to track and categorize support requests so I know where we need to write more docs, change the product, do more QA, etc. Categories of support requests I’d like to track over time would be things like “Android” or “Media Importing” etc.

I’ve considered adding subcategories in the Support category, and I’ve also considered enabling tags, but there are some issues with both approaches, as I understand them:

  • I don’t really want users to be forced to categorize their own issues, even though I know reports about per-category activity would give me some decent metrics.
  • Tags would basically be invisible to users, but it’s not clear to me whether I can generate reports or metrics based on which tags have the most activity over the last x weeks.

Is there anyone who has dealt with similar issues that can recommend one of these approaches, or something completely different?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

I believe adding staff-only tags, and then generating reports on those is the best way forward for you.

You can use SQL on the Data Explorer plugin to create reports on tags just fine.