Best way to hide specific posts for non-logged in users?

I have a community that often posts things they don’t want to appear to the general public, so I have the site set to disallow public access. However, this obviously makes it hard for people to get an idea of what kind of things are going on if they’re not already signed up. I’d like to be able to differentiate between posts that are ‘cool for everyone’ and those that are ‘members only’ so that I could allow anon users to at least read the posts that have been made that aren’t ‘private’.

I know I could setup a category that only appears for logged-in users (by altering the permissions), but it seems clunky to add a sub-category to each of our existing categories (and, presumably a generic ‘uncategorized members only’). It seems like that’d be adding a bunch of extra noise to the category list.

Ideally I think I’d like to setup something where users could add a tag to their posts that they want to be ‘members only’ so that it wouldn’t appear in the public topic list (if the site was unlocked). Does such a thing exist, or should I just go the ‘make a subcategory for members only for each existing category’ approach?

I’m pretty sure that the answer is no, so your best bets are to write a plugin for this yourself, get paid help in #marketplace or to use categories :slight_smile:


And per topic permissions will be very difficult to add, so you’ll likely need a five figure budget to start and plan on paying for maintenance.

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