Monetisation: how to partially hide posts to non-members?


How can I make following work?

I want to monetise my platform, which is complied with very useful posts and resources.
I want them to be readable to the users who are not subscribed but they can only read half of it, other half is hidden, for example hidden behind “spoiler function” Now you see me.. How can I do that?

I tried the traditional way of adding members to a group and they automatically get access to hidden categories but those posts are not shareable or seen by non-subscribed users, I would want them to know that such topics are available but they can’t access it because they heaven’t paid.


I don’t know a plugin which shows only parts of a topic. There is Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown). But users can only see the title there.


In addition to what Moin posted, there is also this for non members


I wrote a component that does this based upon group membership…

described, more or less, in Display different content within a topic based on user's groups membership?


I’ll go through all of them once and let you know which one I decided to use and why?

I’ve decided to use this! It fits exactly what I was looking for, if it had a timer option then that would make it perfect.

For example a timer of 5 minute read time for free. then it’ll prompt user to sign up compulsory.