Best way to nudge users who havent completed signup

It is vitally important that our staff members verifies all users who request access to our community to make sure they are not a competitor, or someone who hasn’t purchased our product.

When users request access to our community they receive a prompt which tells them that a member of staff first needs to validate their details, this typically take a few hours after which the user receives an email

However we have about 140 out of 500 users who have have not returned or logged in to the community after being validated.

It seems that users don’t start receiving digests until they log in for the first time, so I was wondering if there was another way to nudge these users and maybe encourage them to come back, or even better, ensure that these users receive digests.


Also I dont suppose anyone knows how to see who has unsubscribed from receiving any emails like digests?

The simplest way would likely be to export your user list (admin > users ), import the pending users into an email service (like mailchimp for example), and send them a reminder. This takes some amount of reoccurring manual work.

For a more complex (but automated) setup, you could use webhooks and Zapier (See Setting up webhooks and Discourse Webhooks and Zapier).


There is something automated we could do here – once the account is approved by staff, if the user doesn’t follow the link to finalize the account, we could mail people again after a few days just to follow up.

We should maybe even do this for any accounts that haven’t completed validating email in general – email them one more time to see if they can get that email validated.

I think one automatic followup is a good idea.

Can you add that to your list @techAPJ?


This would be very useful. Around 5-10% of new users on my forum never activate.


Do you see any value in adding users to the digest subscription list as soon as staff members approve each new registrant?

The digests are incredibly successful in brining users back to our forum, it would be like removing the lid from the honeypot.


Bootstrap mode effectively does this already… first 50 users have TL1 and daily digests enabled. And it is 100% automatic.


I think @techapj is quite busy (sorry!) so can you assign this to whoever is available @zogstrip? I think it would be a great feature for all Discourse instances to have – we should try one more time (after 2 days maybe?) to email people when someone signs up and gets the “click this GUID to confirm” email but never completes the registration.


So if I adjust my bootstrap limit, this should then send out a digest for all users. How will this effect users who have set the email preferences, will this overide these? Also this would cause an issue of new users onboarding to the community with tl1, exposing us to a spam issue.

Feasibility Question; could we show these types of users in a list similar to the pending list when invites are sent. From this list we could periodically send a nudge email manually, similar to how admins can resend the invite email.

@nbianca can you add a new job that will send a nudge email to users who signed up but haven’t validated their email after 2 days?


This is complete now thanks @nbianca and great idea @Kyle_Risi.

tested and confirmed working.