Beta 6 header errors finally cleared

Continuing the discussion from Beta 6 showing header errors:

@pmusaraj thought you may find it useful to know the header errors cleared with recent upgrades. I’ve upgraded more or less daily since this issue appeared, since I had an inkling the cache would solve itself and we could live with the minor UI issues meantime.

I think the last upgrade I did had 5-6 commits and I did it yesterday, so something somewhere in those did the trick. I haven’t yet upgraded today, so the fix appeared in the 5-6 commits before these:

NB Nothing has been altered server side besides the upgrades that have been made available by you guys.

Update: I just upgraded with the latest batch of 12 or so commits and the exact same problem has returned :upside_down_face: Well it was bliss whilst it lasted…

Try and update your browser

The issue is independent of client browsers. It exists server side.

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Actually, I take that back :blush: It had been server side in previous testing, but clearing browser side cache today has worked. Thanks for the hint @IAmGav :+1:

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