Overlapping text and menus after upgrade to 3.2.0.beta4-dev

I just upgraded a forum to 3.2.0.beta4-dev, and have been getting some strange bug reports from users. The most puzzling one is this screenshot illustrating overlapping text and menus on her phone. This is an Android device running Chrome.

The “Log In” button on the top bar isn’t visible for her either.

Other changes I made after the upgrade include moving all assets to be served from a CloudFront CDN. So I’m confused why it would be possible for this browser to have cached old CSS.

I have not been able to reproduce this glitch on my computer, iPhone or on a Fire TV tablet. I don’t have a regular Android device to test with.

I’ve already asked her to clear her browser cache and that didn’t solve it either. Any suggestsions?

Have you tried safe mode?

Not yet, I didn’t want to take the whole thing down for everyone since so far only one person has complained about this.

Strangely the problem has gone away for her now, so maybe it was just old cached CSS and clearing the cache didn’t work the first time.

You don’t need to take anything down or make any changes to use safe mode. Check the link to see how it work. It’s a very useful way to diagnose issues like these.

Oh. Or maybe just do nothing. :person_shrugging:


Cool, I’ll do that next time someone has a problem. I guess this can be closed now.

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