Better default activity for pinned posts

Here’s the current experience I have:

  • Create a new Topic
  • Pin the new Topic
  • Click on the new Topic to read and review it

The default view, upon clicking into a pinned post, is to show me the ‘reply’ where I have pinned the post. However, I think a better default in this situation would be to show me the post that is pinned rather than the informational update that this is a pinned post.

Thank you for your consideration.

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There is no concept of “pinning a post”. You pin a topic, which may contain one or more posts.

You want to set the category setting which forces people into the first post no matter their read position.

:white_check_mark: Navigate to first post after topics are read

There’s no way to do this per-topic, it is a per-category setting.

Alternately you could delete the pin reply and close the topic (and delete the close reply) so the only post in the entire topic is ever the first post, therefore everyone arrives at the first post no matter what, under any circumstances.