Navigate to first post after topics are read, category setting

Per this commit categories have a new setting that allows administrators to amend the behavior of fully read topics.

Out-of-the-box logged-on-users will navigate to the last post in a topic after they are done reading it. This is not ideal for documentation type categories such as documentation and so on where you often want to re-read the OP a few times.

This is a per category setting, to enable this special behavior tick Navigate to first post after topics are read in category settings on the designated category.

We have this enabled here on meta in the documentation category and all the subcategories below it.


Any chance of adding this as an option per tag or even per topic? What about a setting for this behavior specifically for only pinned topics?

Having this just per-category encourages the set up of one or two categories with this and moving every topic that makes sense to those categories. However, it’s common to have a how-to style pinned post in a category full of other discussions.


Maybe, I kind of support this for any topic with a wiki OP, but the implementation is tricky


I feel it’s best at the category level, adding further complexity is unwarranted at this time.